550lb Magnetic Fishing Kit


A great value beginners kit for trying out magnet fishing

Recover lost items from canals, lakes and ponds, rivers and even the sea

This kit comes wit everything you need to try magnet fishing.

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  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND VALUE: MAG Gear provides an ultra-strong neodymium magnet for magnet fishing / retrieve lost items from underwater.
  • Our OSHION rare earth magnet offers the highest grade performance and is a heavy duty magnet with extremely powerful magnetic force focused at the bottom that can lift 550lb / 240kg
  • SUPERIOR WORKMANSHIP: Mag Gear fishing magnets are specially formulated to bring you the highest industrial grade standard for all your needs. We guarantee its durability because it is coated with three premium layers of NI-CU-NI. The entire magnet is coated and protected with this premium material making it corrosion resistant. In addition the stainless steel cup prevents chipping or cracking to last for generations to come
  • MULTIUSE AND HOBBIES: Our heavy duty magnet is great for lifting, hanging and retrieving applications; have fun searching for lost treasure in the ocean, rivers, lakes, wells, canals or ponds. Imagine all the possibilities and the countless experiences you’ll have that become priceless memories. Bring your rope, gloves and MAG Gear Magnet to make your own magnet fishing kit. Don’t forget your loved ones, this makes a perfect birthday / holiday gift for dad and kids
  • EASY TO USE: Each MAG Gear super magnet has been pre-assembled with threadlocker and uses a lock washer system to ensure the eye bolt is securely attached with the magnet. Making it extremely easy to use immediately (no need to wait for threadlock to dry), simply attach a magnet fishing rope to the eye bolt and begin your fishing treasure trip with your family and friends. Make sure to tie the fishing magnets with rope securely
  • SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY: 100% Guaranteed! We strongly believe in our MAG Gear products. Your satisfaction is what really matters to us.


  • Composite: NdFeB Magnet
  • Shape: Pot / Cup Shape,
  • Usage: Salvage/Fishing
  • Size: D75*30mm
  • Colour: Orange
  • Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron
  • Capacity: 550lb / 249.48kg
  • Rope Length: 20m
  • Lock Style: Spring

Package Includes:

1 x 550lb Magnet
1 x 20m Rope
1 x Waterproof Gloves
1 x Threadlocker Glue


Additional information

Weight 16 kg


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